The Houston Dining Scene Is One Of The City’s Top Attractions

Houston is without doubt one of the most exciting cities in the United States. Both residents and visitors are presented with a huge variety of choice when it comes to spending their precious leisure time. they can choose to relax and unwind and enjoy a healthy day out with a walk through the beautiful surroundings of Buffalo Bayou Park, the 160 acre green lung of the city. Perfect for walking the dog, biking or simply recharging tired psychic batteries by leaning against a tree and watching the world go by. Alternatively they could choose to take in an adrenaline filled game of football, basketball or baseball at one of the many stadiums and venues across town. For those in search of a more cerebral experience the museum district offers ample opportunity for both learning and enjoyment.

However any visitor to the city should not ignore one of Houston’s often overlooked attractions – and this is the world class quality of the dining experiences that can be found both within the city limits and a little further afield.

From iconic Southern cuisine to classic American favorites and international tastes Houston has something to offer every palette.

Let’s take a look at some of the more noteworthy of these offerings.

If a restaurant has been around since 1917 the chances are that they are doing something right. In the case of Christies Seafood and Steak they have been doing a lot of things right for a long time. However their signature dish remains one of the favorites with locals. This is the ‘Fried Shrimp with Remolaude’. The shrimp is sourced fresh from the Gulf of Mexico and the sauce is made from scratch every day. It’s a classic and Houston natives love it.

Fried chicken is a bit of a tradition in Houston – and it doesn’t get any better than at Frenchy’s. There are more than one outlet today – but the original is still the best. The chicken is perfectly touched by the seasoning and the skin has that crunch that is the sign of a chef that really knows their business. This is by no means high end dining – this is comfort food at its very best.

If you are craving a taste of Italy then a trip to a Houston favorite – Coltivare Pizza & Garden is definitely recommended. Part of the charm of the venue is without doubt the 3,000 square foot in house garden, but the home made pasta and pizza dishes that use only the freshest of ingredients are the offering that makes this such a special place to dine.

No list, no matter how short would be complete without at least a passing reference to Texan cuisine. A visit to BB’s Tex-Orleans will reveal a world of taste that becomes possible when you encounter a mashup between Texan and Cajun tastes. Whether you want gumbo or fried seafood this is the place to be. The shrimp and Catfish are both great.

If you’re in Texas make sure to mark Houston down on your culinary bucket list – you’ll be glad you did.